Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Against the "Unconstrained Rights of Pregnant Women"

"Planned Home Birth: The Professional Responsibility Response"

THIS right here is why Illinois Friends of Midwives, the Coalition for Illinois Midwifery, The Big Push for Midwives, etc. etc. exist. To fight against this attitude.

This editorial in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology argues for "constraining" the rights of pregnant women. It completely glosses over the concept of maternal autonomy and ignores the many criticisms of American obstetrics that is intrinsic in the homebirth movement.

This editorial is so paternalistic, so misogynistic that the most outspoken opponent of homebirth, Amy Tuteur, has written against it. I encourage you to read her post.

As homebirth advocates we affirm the "unconstrained right" of women to choose where to birth and seek to improve access to competent, trained, professional, and licensed midwives to make that birth as safe as possible. Safe birth and respect for women's autonomy are NOT mutually exclusive, and you can not have a safe birth WITHOUT respect for women's autonomy.

The president of CFIM is looking to start a funding campaign to help the Big Push for Midwives fight against this attitude. I plan to post details when I have it.

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