Thursday, March 14, 2013

Black Market Maternity Care

We've got a problem in Illinois.  Women are forced to find black market maternity care because doctors won't support homebirth, either by attending themselves, or by backing up the CNMs who are the only legal midwives in Illinois.  Families across the state are left with few options. Some choose to have unassisted home births, and some happen to know just the right people to be able to find a black market midiwife.

The Illinois Friends of Midwives supports a bill called the Home Birth Safety Act. This act will bring these midwives into the law, and in doing so give families greater options in homebirth, keeping them safer and providing greater accountability for home birth midwives.

We can use your help to get this bill passed!  Take a moment to find your state representative.  Write them a letter, send them an email, or make a phone call to express your support of HB2685 - the Home Birth Safety Act.

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